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Halime Moradi - Publications

last update: 12 Aug 2016


Peer-reviewed articels


  • Moradi, H., Naqinezhad, A., Siadati, S., Yousefi, Y., Attar, F. , Etemad, V. , Reif, A. (2016):  Elevational gradient and vegetation-environmental relationships in the central Caspian forests of northern Iran. Nordic Journal of Botany  34(1): 1-14.


  • Siadati, S., Moradi, H., Attar,F., Etemad,V., Hamzeh’ee, B., Naqinezhad, A. (2012):  Botanical diversity of Hyrcanian forests; a case study of a transect in the Kheyrud protected lowland mountain forests in northern Iran . Phytotaxa  7: 1-18.


  • Naqinezhad, A., Esmaeili, S.H., Bahari, H., Gholizadeh, H., Ghahremaninejad, F., Hamzehee, B., Djamali, M. and Moradi, H. (2010):  Phytososiological survey of lowland Caspian (Hyrcanian) forests, N. Iran, toward validation of some forest syntax . Phytologia Balcanica  18(2): 173-186.

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