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Dr. Tene Kwetche Sop - Publications

last update: 7 Jul 2014


Peer-reviewed articels


  • Sop, T. K., Oldeland, J. (2013):  Local perceptions of woody vegetation dynamics in the context of a "greening Sahel": A case study from Burkina Faso. Land Degradation & Development, DOI: 10.1002/ldr.1144  
  • Traoré, L., Sop, T. K., Dayamba, S. D., Traoré, S., Hahn-Hadjali, K., Thiombiano, A. (2013):  Do protected areas really work to conserve species? A case study of three vulnerable woody species in the Sudanian zone of Burkina Faso. Environment, Developement & Sustainability 15: 663-686.  


  • Sop, T. K., Oldeland, J., Bognounou, F., Schmiedel, U., Thiombiano, A. (2012):  Ethnobotanical knowledge and valuation of woody plants species: a comparative analysis of three ethnic groups from the sub-Sahel of Burkina Faso. Environment, Developement & Sustainability 14: 627–649. , DOI: 10.1007/s10668-012-9345-9  


  • Sop, T. K., Kagambèga, W. F., Bellefontaine, R., Schmiedel, U., Thiombiano, A. (2011):  Effects of organic amendment on early growth performance of Jatropha curcas L. on a severely degraded site in the Sub-Sahel of Burkina Faso. Agroforestry Systems, DOI: 10.1007/s10457-011-9421-4  
  • Sop, T. K., Oldeland, J., Schmiedel, U., Ouedraogo, I., Thiombiano, A. (2011):  Population structure of three woody species in four ethnic domains of the Sub-Sahel of Burkina Faso. Land Degradation and Development. 22: 519–529.  

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Book chapters


  • Haarmeyer, D. H., Luther-Mosebach, J., Dengler, J., Schmiedel, U., Finckh, M., Berger, K., Deckert, J., Domptail, S. E., Dreber, N., Gibreel, T., Grohmann, C., Gröngröft, A., Haensler, A., Hanke, W., Hoffmann, A., Husted, L. B., Kangombe, F. N., Keil, M., Krug, C. B., Labitzky, T., Linke, T., Mager, D., Mey, W., Muche, G., Naumann, C., Pellowski, M., Powrie, L. W., Pröpper, M., Rutherford, M. C., Schneiderat, U., Strohbach, B. J., Vohland, K., Weber, B., Wesuls, D., Wisch, U., Zedda, L., Büdel, B., Darienko, T., Deutschewitz, K., Dojani, S., Erb, E., Falk, T., Friedl, T., Kanzler, S.-E., Limpricht, C., Linsenmair, K. E., Mohr, K., Oliver, T., Petersen, A., Rambold, G., Zeller, U., Austermühle, R., Bausch, J., Bösing, B. M., Classen, N., Dorendorf, J., Dorigo, W., Esler, K. J., Etzold, S., Graiff, A., Grotehusmann, L., Hecht, J., Hoyer, P., Kongor, R. Y., Lang, H., Lieckfeld, L. A. B., Oldeland, J., Peters, J., Röwer, I. U., September, Z. M., Sop, T. K., van Rooyen, M. W., Weber, J., Willer, J., Jürgens, N. (2010):  The BIOTA Observatories. In: Jürgens, N., Haarmeyer, D. H., Luther-Mosebach, J., Dengler, J., Finckh, M., Schmiedel, U. [Ed.]: Biodiversity in southern Africa. Volume 1: Patterns at local scale - the BIOTA Observatories. pp. 6–801. Klaus Hess Publishers, Göttingen & Windhoek.  

Grey literature


  • Sop, T. K. (2005):  Analysis of the patterns of phytodiversity along environmental and land use gradients in Soebatsfontein (Namaqualand), South Africa. , Diploma thesis in Plant Biology, University of Hamburg.


  • Sop, T. K. (2002):   Obstacles to the transbordering cooperation between neighboring communities in the frame of cross-border projects to combat desertification: Case of the countries of the CILSS (Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel) and the AMU (Arab Maghreb Union). Internship report, UNCCD Secretariat in Bonn (October – December 2002).

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