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Dr. Niels Dreber - Publications

last update: 30 Jun 2014


Peer-reviewed articels


  • Breedt, J.A.D., Dreber, N., Kellner, K (Submitted):  Post-wildfire regeneration of rangeland productivity and functionality - observations across three semi-arid vegetation types in South Africa. Manuscript for  African Journal of Range and Forage Science.


  • Hanke, W., Böhner, J., Dreber, N., Jürgens, N., Schmiedel, U., Wesuls, D., Dengler, J. (2014):  The impact of livestock grazing on plant diversity: an analysis across dryland ecosystems and scales in southern Africa. Ecological Applications 26: 1188-1203.  


  • Dreber, N. (2011):  How best to quantify soil seed banks in arid rangelands of the Nama Karoo? Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 173: 813–824.
  • Dreber, N., Esler, K.J. (2011):  Spatio-temporal variation in soil seed banks under contrasting grazing regimes following low and high seasonal rainfall in arid Namibia. Journal of Arid Environments 75: 174–184.
  • Dreber, N., Oldeland, J., van Rooyen, G. M. W. (2011):  Species, functional groups and community structure in seed banks of the arid Nama Karoo: Grazing impacts and implications for rangeland restoration. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 141: 399–409.

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Book chapters


  • Domptail, S. E., Dreber, N., Falk, T., Gibreel, T., Kirk, M., Limpricht, C., Naumann, C., Prediger, S., Vollan, B., Wesuls, D. (2010):  An ecological-economic analysis of the pastoral systems of the Nama Karoo in southern Namibia. In: Hoffman, M. T., Schmiedel, U., Jürgens, N. [Eds.]: Biodiversity in southern Africa. Volume 3: Implications for landuse and management. 75–107. Klaus Hess Publishers, Göttingen & Windhoek.
  • Haarmeyer, D. H., Luther-Mosebach, J., Dengler, J., Schmiedel, U., Finckh, M., Berger, K., Deckert, J., Domptail, S. E., Dreber, N., Gibreel, T., Grohmann, C., Gröngröft, A., Haensler, A., Hanke, W., Hoffmann, A., Husted, L. B., Kangombe, F. N., Keil, M., Krug, C. B., Labitzky, T., Linke, T., Mager, D., Mey, W., Muche, G., Naumann, C., Pellowski, M., Powrie, L. W., Pröpper, M., Rutherford, M. C., Schneiderat, U., Strohbach, B. J., Vohland, K., Weber, B., Wesuls, D., Wisch, U., Zedda, L., Büdel, B., Darienko, T., Deutschewitz, K., Dojani, S., Erb, E., Falk, T., Friedl, T., Kanzler, S.-E., Limpricht, C., Linsenmair, K. E., Mohr, K., Oliver, T., Petersen, A., Rambold, G., Zeller, U., Austermühle, R., Bausch, J., Bösing, B. M., Classen, N., Dorendorf, J., Dorigo, W., Esler, K. J., Etzold, S., Graiff, A., Grotehusmann, L., Hecht, J., Hoyer, P., Kongor, R. Y., Lang, H., Lieckfeld, L. A. B., Oldeland, J., Peters, J., Röwer, I. U., September, Z. M., Sop, T. K., van Rooyen, M. W., Weber, J., Willer, J., Jürgens, N. (2010):  The BIOTA Observatories. In: Jürgens, N., Haarmeyer, D. H., Luther-Mosebach, J., Dengler, J., Finckh, M., Schmiedel, U. [Ed.]: Biodiversity in southern Africa. Volume 1: Patterns at local scale - the BIOTA Observatories. pp. 6–801. Klaus Hess Publishers, Göttingen & Windhoek.  
  • Wesuls, D., Strohbach, M., Horn, A., Kos, M., Zimmermann, J., Hoffmann, J., Geldenhuys, C., Dreber, N., Kellermann, L., van Rooyen, M. W., Poschlod, P. (2010):  Plant functional traits and types as a tool to analyse landuse impacts on vegetation. In: Schmiedel, U., Jürgens, N. [Eds.]: Biodiversity in southern Africa. Volume 2: Patterns and processes at regional scale. 222–232. Klaus Hess Publishers, Göttingen & Windhoek.

Other publications in scientific journals


  • Dreber, N., Kong, T.M., Kellner, K., van Eeden, A., Ocampo-Melgar, A. (2013):  Towards improved decision-making in degraded drylands of southern Africa: an indicator based assessment for integrated evaluation of restoration and management actions in the Kalahari rangelands. Proceedings of the UNCCD 2nd Scientific Conference,6 pp,.   Weblink


  • Oldeland, J., Dreber, N., Wesuls, D. (2010):  Diversity measures in comparative rangeland studies: application and advantages of SADs and diversity profiles. Dinteria 31: 50–66.  

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Grey literature


  • Kellner, K., Dreber, N. (2013):  Synergies between UNCCD, UNFCCC and CBD. In: Low, P.-S. [Ed.]: Economic and social impacts of desertification, land degradation and drought. White Paper I. UNCCD 2nd Scientific Conference. Weblink


  • NKGCF (2011): Ecosystem services and biodiversity 2020: ecological, social and economic developments and strategic options of action in times of global change. Position paper, German National Committee for Global Change Research. Authors and contributors: Boetius, A., Böhning-Gaese, K., Von Cramon-Taubadel, S., Dreber, N., Hansjürgens, B., Kalko, E., Neßhöver, C., Potthast, T., Rehdanz, K., Schmalzbauer, B., Settele, J., Stoll, P.T. Available online at: www.nkgcf.org, 28 pp.


  • Dreber, N. (2010):  Biodiversität und Globaler Wandel. Aktuelle Herausforderungen in der interdisziplinären Biodiversitätsforschung. 32 pp. Discussion paper, German National Committee for Global Change Research, available online:.  Weblink


  • Dreber, N. (2005):  Ecological transect analysis of vegetation along a gradient from sessile to mobile land surfaces in the dune fields of the northern Richtersveld, Republic of South Africa. Diploma thesis, University of Hamburg, Hamburg.

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