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Dr. Naghmeh Gholami Baghi - Publications

last update: 23 Apr 2014


Peer-reviewed articels


  • Gholami Baghi, N., Sepehri, A., Barani, M., and Mahini (2013):  Estimating plant biomass using non-destructive parameters in arid regions (Case study: Inche-Broun winter rangelands, Golestan, Iran). Journal of Rangeland Science number 4

Other publications


  • Gholami Baghi, N (2010):  Analytic methods for the study of plant diversity. Agriculture and Natural Resources Engineering Disciplinary Orgnization (In persian).  Vol.7,No26: Pp: 56-60.


  • Gholami Baghi, N and M., Mesdaghi (2008):  An investigation of spatial pattern of woodyplant in shrublands of Golestan National Park. Range and Desert Research [In Persian]. 18 (4)


  • Gholami Baghi, N. (2006):  Ordination importance of vegetation study. Iranian journal of Forest and Range [In Persian]. Vol.71 pp.78-81.
  • Gholami Baghi, N. (2006):  An investigation on spatial pattern of important range species in Golestan National Park and surrounding areas. J. of Agricultural sciences and Natural Resources [In Persian]. . Vol.13 No.3: pp.161-171.

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