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Geraldo Alves Damasceno-Junior - Publications

last update: 7 Oct 2016


Peer-reviewed articels


  • Arruda, W. de S., Oldeland, J., Paranhos, A. C., Filho, A. Pott, N. L. Cunha, I. H. Ishii, and Damasceno-Junior, G. A. (2016):  Inundation and Fire Shape the Structure of Riparian Forests in the Pantanal, Brazil. PLOS ONE, DOI: 11:e0156825


  • Ferreira Sorio, V., Damasceno-Junior, G.A. & Parolin, P. (2015):  Dispersal of palm seeds (Bactris glaucescens Drude) by the fish Piaractus mesopotamicus in the Brazilian Pantanal. Ecotropica 20: 15-22.


  • Oliveira, M.T., Damasceno-Junior, G.,Pott A.,Paranhos Filho, A.C., Suarez Y. R., Parolin, P. (2014):  Regeneration of riparian forests of the Brazilian Pantanal under flood and fire influence. Forest Ecology and Management 331: 256-263. , DOI: 10.1016/j.foreco.2014.08.011  

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