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Jürgens, Norbert, Prof. Dr.Ecology and biodiversity of Africa; Global change biology2.508 260 
Rohwer, Jens G., Prof. Dr.Molecular systematics; Plant morphology and anatomy3.519 397 

Kempcke, Helga2.507 259 

Former professors
Ihlenfeldt, Hans-Dieter, Prof.Systematics of Mesembryanthemaceae and Pedaliaceae  
Kubitzki, Klaus, Prof.Plant Systematics; Historical plant geography  
Schmidt, Alexander, Prof.Bryophytes; Fungi; ViolaK.174 231

Akasbi, Zakia, Dr.Vegetation ecology in Morocco; Rangeland ecology2.525 677 
Feuerer, Tassilo, Dr.Diversity of lichensU.152 221 
Finckh, Manfred, Dr.Vegetation dynamics; Sustainable land use; Morocco; Chile; Okavango area2.526 549 
Gholami Baghi, Naghmeh, Dr.Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Iran  
Heintz, Horst, Dr.Fruit development and anatomy of Lauraceae3.507 711
Homburg, Ingo, Dr.Project management, coordination and administration2.515 409 
Krewenka, Kristin Marie, Dr.Project management at SASSCAL - project2.512 403 
Muche, Gerhard, Dr.IT-Management2.533 395 
Niesler, Ingeborg, Dr.Preparation for courses; SEM; Virtual herbariumE.005 240 
Oldeland, Jens, Dr.Remote sensing; GIS; Modelling; Statistics2.531 407 
Parolin, Pia, Dr.Ecology of tropical floodplains and wetlands  
Revermann, Rasmus, Dr.Vegetation ecology in Angola2.524 408 
Rudolph, Barbara, Dr.Phylogeny; Phylogeography; Lab management3.517 405 
Schmiedel, Ute, Dr.Vegetation ecology in southern Africa; Para-ecologist programme2.517 548 
Schultz, Matthias, Dr.Curator Herbarium Hamburgense, Lichen systematics and diversity; Global Types Initiative (GTI)3.505 694 
Sop, Tene Kwetche, Dr.Vegetation ecology in Burkina Faso; Ethnobotany2.530 683 
Stirn, Susanne, Dr.Project management at "The Future Okavango" - project2.514 533 

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Ph.D. students
Abutaha, MagedEcological studies of some Wadis in Gebel Elba, Egypt2.538 691 
Chamkhi, HayfePollination ecology in Tunisia - Consequences of grazing on floral resources, bees and their ecological functions in the Bou-Hedma region, South Tunisia 2.518 674 
Claudel, CyrilleSystematics and ecology of Araceae3.506 695 
Geedicke, InaUnderstanding the transition from introduction to invasion: shifts in allocation from growth to defence through time2.529 245 
Gomes, AmândioEcophysiological aspects, live biomass and species diversity of geoxylic suffrutices in the “anharas de ongote” or underground forests in Bié plateau, Angola2.538 692 
Gunter, FelicitasInvestigation of the phylogeny, phylogeographie and reproductive biology of several termite species in southern Africa3.515 807 
Heim, RenéLinking inter- and intraspecific variation in leaf traits to spectral signatures of arid shrub species.2.529 245 
Maiato, FranciscoAngolan miombo structure, dynamics and above-ground biomass: Effect of shifting cultivation and charcoal production2.538 692 
Moradi, HalimeFunctional diversity and altitudinal diversity in western Alborz mountain, Iran2.529  
Oliveira, Deborahinfluence of historical land use on population dynamics of Spondias tuberosa in Caatinga, Brazil 3.505 496 
Schmidt, LauraMultiple epistemologies, multiple interests. Understanding transdisciplinary research in the postcolonial making2.528 681 
Schmidt, Sabrina A.Comparative phylogenetic, biogeographic and ecological studies of the genera Gibbaeum N.E. Br. and Glottiphyllum N.E. Br. (Aizoaceae) in South Africa.3.507 711 
Sichone, PriscillaVegetation ecology in Zambia - the variability of the Kalahari vegetation in western Zambia2.525 678 
Trofimov, Dimitrij The Ocotea(Lauraceae) as a model system for biogeographic and evolutionary pattern in the Neotropics.3.511 404 
Vasquez, EvelynDNA barcoding method for succulent plants of African drylands.3.516 806 
Zigelski, PaulinaComparsion of the genetic of Syzygium guineese Wall.(Myrtaceae) in forest and suffrutex- grasslands of the African Miombo region2.513 673 
Zug, KatharinaEffect of genotype, farm management and environmental conditions on the quality of Theobroma cacao from different regions in the Peruvian Amazonia3.515 806 

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Other scientists
Niebel-Lohmann, AngelaPollination ecology; Teaching3.509 578 

Non-scientific staff
Dehn, KarenElectron microscopy - SEM3.512 262 
Drewes, SabineHerbariumE104  
Hillmann, ThomasWeb design, data management2.532 725 
Josenhans, KatrinWeb programming and data management 2.534 684 
Jounais, AndreaLab molecular systematics3.518 399 
Kießelbach, JuttaSoil analytics3.511 726 
Klein, AmelyHerbariumU.519 220 
Kröger, SylviaHerbariumE.095 269 
Oncken, ImkeMolecular systematics, Population analytics, soil analytics, administration of team literature3.512 588 
Petersen, MonikaProject administration2.516 617 
Saggau, MarkoHerbariumE.095 267 
Vogt, Anna MariaLab molecular systematics3.518 808 

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BSc./MSc. students
Dudas, KoljaPhylogenetic and morphologic analysis on the Persea group3.508 720 
Grunicke, LenaTesting the suitability of very high resolution image heterogeneity in prediciting plant diversity on pastures in Northern Germany2.529 245 
Kleinpeter, Katharina3.508 719 
Millies, SilkeEffect of grazing on intraspecific variability of plant traits along a grazing gradient in the Lüneburger Heathland2.525 683 
Spamer, RikaPopulation genetic patterns of the Oophytum complex in Southern Africa3.536 848 
Weege, RandiStudies on the phylogeography of the genus Cinnamomum.3.508 719 

Former members of the section "Biodiversity of Plants"
Abele Gómez, A. Daniela, DrSystematics of Orchidaceae  
Behmanesh, BaharehGorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Iran  
Bertram, Gisela, Dr.Foundation "Ausgleich Altenwerder"  
Bischoff, GwendolynEcology of the "fairy-circles" in Namibia  
Bohn, ClärinPopulation genetics. The "fairy circles" phenomenon in Namibia  
Bortolotto, Ieda MariaEthnobotany and conservation in Pantanal  
Damasceno-Junior, Geraldo AlvesVegetation ecology in Brazilian Floodplains  
Dengler, Jürgen, Dr. habil.Vegetation ecology in Europe; Macroecology; Biodiversity informatics  
Dreber, Niels, Dr.Rangeland ecology Namibia and South Africa; sustainable land use; land degradation  
Erb, Cynthia, Dr.Ecosystem services; data integration "The Future Okavango"
Haarmeyer, Daniela H.Institute of Ecology, Evolution & Diversity, University of Frankfurt am Main  
Hachfeld, Berit, Dr.Education Assistance PhD Program, Graduate School SICSS, University of Hamburg, Klima Campus  
Hammerla, SvenMeasuring spatial overlap of vegetation and soil boundaries in a grassland ecosystem  
Hanke, Wiebke, Dr.Vegetation ecology in southern Africa; Restoration ecology  
Hartmann, Heidrun, Dr.Systematics and ecology of Aizoaceae  
Helmschrot, Jörg, Dr.project coordination, hydrological system analysis/modelling, wetland dynamics
Heydel, FelixInstitute of Ecology, Evolution & Diversity, University of Frankfurt am Main  
Hoche, TorstenDNA-barcoding  
Johnson, Madeleine, Dr.Ethnobotany and conservation in Cameroon  
Kayser, LynnRestoration of arid systems in South Africa
Luther-Mosebach, JonaInstitute of Soil Science, University of Hamburg  
Mayer, Carolin, Dr.Earth and Life Institute, Université Catholique de Louvain  
Naqinezhad, Alireza, Dr.Department of Biology, University of Mazandaran, Iran  
Pein, LenaEffects of grazing on dwarf shrub community in the High Atlas Mountain, Morocco  
Poppendieck, Hans-Helmut, Dr.Curator for phanerogams; Flora of Hamburg  
Rau, Anna-LenaPhylogenetic reconstruction of the Oophytum complex in Southern Africa  
Richter, FriederikeBird-distribution in Miombo ecosystems in South-Central Angola  
Röwer, Inga Ute, Dr.Institute of Soil Science, University of Hamburg  
Sanguino Mostajo, GracielaWood anatomy and adaptation strategies of suffrutescent shrubs in south-central Angola  
Saphir, Annegret  
Schwarz, KathrinBush encroachment: Influence of large herbivores on the establishment dynamics of woody plants in the Namibian thornbush savannah
Seelemann, AndréPhylogeny of Lecanorales  
Strohbach, Ben, Dr.Vegetation ecology in Namibia  
Turtureanu, Pavel DanBabeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania  
Wallenfang, JohannesPlant regeneration after slash and burn agriculture in southern Angola  
Wesuls, Dirk, Dr.Vegetation ecology in Namibia; Rangeland ecology  
Wittko, Anna MariaVegetation ecology in Morocco; Population biology  

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