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Dr. Jens Oldeland - Supervision of theses


Bachelor, Master, Diplom and Staatsexamen theses


  • Barchewitz , Simon (Current): Vegetation pattern and conservation perceptions across nature park borders - the case for Bou Hedma, Tunisia. BSc. thesis (Dr. J.Oldeland, Dr. K.Krewenka)
  • Gertz, Carlotta (Current): A new biome classifcation for Namibia based on the Tree Atlas Project. MSc. thesis (Dr. J.Oldeland, Prof. Dr. N. Jürgens)
  • Grabener, Swantje (Current): Pollinator diversity across an altitdudinal gradient in southern Morocco. MSc. thesis (Dr. M.Finckh, Dr. J.Oldeland)
  • Grunicke, Lena (Current): Testing the spectral variation hypothesis in Hamburg´s rangeland ecosystems. MSc. thesis (Dr. J. Oldeland, Prof. N. Jürgens, Ingo Brandt)
  • Hector, Elias (Current): Effects of harmonics /430hrtz/ and disharmonics /442hertz/ on morphological and epigenetical developement of Arabidopsis thaliana. BSc. thesis (Dr. J.Kehr, Dr. J.Oldeland)
  • Herrmann, Hannah (Current): Bee pollination in fruit orchards. BSc. thesis (Dr. K.M. Krewenka , Prof. N. Jürgens)
  • Jacke, Vasco (Current): Vegetation patterns in space and time on long-term observation plots in the South African Kalahari. MSc. thesis (Dr. U. Schmiedel, Dr. J. Oldeland)
  • Kühne, Nicole (Current): Discriminating tree species based on tree crown properties derived from aerial photography. MSc. thesis (Dr. J.Oldeland, Prof. N.Jürgens)
  • Millies, Silke (Current): Effectiveness of nature conservation for plant biodiversity on the island of Föhr. MSc. thesis (Dr. J.Oldeland, Dr. M.Finckh)


  • Cortés-Kühnast, Xenia (2015): Untersuchungen zur Populationsstruktur von Neopisosoma neglectum Werding, 1986 (Decapoda: Anomura: Porcellanidae) in Aufwuchssystemen Santa Marta, Kolumbien. BSc. thesis (Dr. J.Oldeland, Prof. Dr. B. Werding, Uni-Giessen)
  • Hammerla, Sven (2015): Identifying microtopographic induced vegetation boundaries in extensive greenland pastures. BSc. thesis (Dr. J. Oldeland, Prof. N. Jürgens)
  • List, Fabian (2015): In vitro Analye von Cardenolid-Resistenz vermittelnden Substitutionen in der Na,K-ATPase von Homo sapiens und Drosophila melanogaster . MSc. thesis (Prof. S. Dobler, Dr. J. Oldeland)
  • Millies, Silke (2015): Effect of grazing on intraspecific variability of plant traits along a grazing gradient in the Lüneburger Heathland. BSc. thesis (Dr. J. Oldeland, Prof. N. Jürgens)

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  • Geedicke, Ina (2014): Do different management strategies in heathlands lead to different phylogenetic patterns? MSc. thesis (Dr. J. Oldeland, Prof. N. Jürgens)
  • Heim, René (2014): Spectral responses of leaf surface traits of Aizoaceae. MSc. thesis (Dr. J. Oldeland, Prof. N. Jürgens)
  • Jacke, Vasco (2014): Vegetationsentwicklung von renaturierten Grünlandflächen im südlichen Hamburg. BSc. thesis (Dr. J. Oldeland, Prof. N. Jürgens)
  • Kühne, Nicole (2014): Vegetationsmuster in der Knersvlakte – Südafrika: Artenzusammensetzung und deren Steuerungsfaktoren an den Grenzen zwischen ausgewählten Quarzflächen. BSc. thesis (Dr. U. Schmiedel, Dr. J. Oldeland)
  • Pein, Lena (2014): Vegetation changes in oromediterranean shrub communities in the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco. BSc. thesis (Dr. J. Oldeland)
  • Twerski, Alina (2014): Vegetation patterns in the Knersvlakte / RSA: species composition and its abiotic drivers at the boundary between quartz fields and heuweltjies or zonal soil types. BSc. thesis (Dr. U. Schmiedel, Dr. J. Oldeland)


  • Kayser, Lynn (2013): Restoration of water erosion effects in the Suid Bokkeveld, South Africa – an economic perspective. BSc. thesis (Dr. U. Schmiedel, Dr. J. Oldeland, Prof. N. Jürgens)
  • Kruspe, Michael (2013): Comparison of different methods to restore gully systems and bare patches on degraded farmland near Nieuwoudtville, South Africa. BSc. thesis (Dr. U. Schmiedel, Dr. J. Oldeland, Prof. N. Jürgens)


  • Wallenfang, Johannes (2011): Testing the existence of the small island effect. BSc. thesis (Dr. J. Dengler, Dr. J. Oldeland, Prof. N. Jürgens)

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