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Biodiversity & Ecology

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Vegetation Database of Mountain Wetlands of Iran

Alireza Naqinezhad*

Article first published online: 24 September 2012

DOI: 10.7809/b-e.00102

*Corresponding author contact: a.naqinezhad@umz.ac.ir

Biodiversity & Ecology  (Biodivers. Ecol.)

Special Volume: Vegetation databases for the 21st century,
edited by Jürgen Dengler, Jens Oldeland, Florian Jansen, Milan Chytrý, Jörg Ewald, Manfred Finckh, Falko Glöckler, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Robert K. Peet & Joop H.J. Schaminée
Volume 4, pages 306–306, Sep 12
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Keywords: Alborz; mountain wetland; steppe.


Abstract: There is a wide range of wetland vegetation in the steppic mountain areas of Iran particularly on the two largest ranges of Iran, the Zagros in the West and the Alborz in the North. The wetland habitats are sharply embedded within vegetation of the Irano-Turanian steppes that are more characteristic of this region and are of interest both in themselves and for wider comparison with Euro-Siberian wetlands. There is little knowledge regarding these wetlands in Iran. We planned to collect all relevé data on these wetlands. At first, data on the wetland vegetation of Alborz were collected. Up to now, more than 1,000 relevés have been collected. This report describes the available content in the Vegetation Database of Mountain Wetlands of Iran (GIVD ID AS-IR-002).

Suggested citation:
Naqinezhad, A. (2012): Vegetation Database of Mountain Wetlands of Iran. – In: Dengler, J., Oldeland, J., Jansen, F., Chytrý, M., Ewald, J., Finckh, M., Glöckler, F., Lopez-Gonzalez, G., Peet, R.K., Schaminée, J.H.J. [Eds.]: Vegetation databases for the 21st century. – Biodiversity & Ecology 4: 306–306. DOI: 10.7809/b-e.00102.