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Biodiversity & Ecology

Short Database Report    Open Access 

Vegetation Database of Oak Forests of Romania

Adrian Indreica*

Article first published online: 24 September 2012

DOI: 10.7809/b-e.00204

*Corresponding author contact: adrianindreica@unitbv.ro

Biodiversity & Ecology  (Biodivers. Ecol.)

Special Volume: Vegetation databases for the 21st century,
edited by Jürgen Dengler, Jens Oldeland, Florian Jansen, Milan Chytrý, Jörg Ewald, Manfred Finckh, Falko Glöckler, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Robert K. Peet & Joop H.J. Schaminée
Volume 4, pages 416–416, Sep 12
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Keywords: oak forest; Quercus; vegetation classification.


Abstract: This report presents the content of a database with phytosociological relevés of oak and mixed oak forests from Romania (Vegetation Database of Oak Forests of Romania, GIVD ID EU-RO-005). This includes vegetation-plots in which oak species (Quercus robur s.l., Q. petraea s.l., Q. cerris, Q. frainetto, Q. pubescens s.l. ), hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) or lime (Tilia cordata, T. tomentosa) are dominants or co-dominants. So far, 4,398 relevés are stored in TURBOVEG format, using 160 sources – published works, PhD thesis and records of research projects. It is estimated that this sources cover 70-75% of the total relevés available of this kind. Except species data, 65-85% of relevees have basic environmental information and all have geographical coordinates – mostly derived from localities or toponyms. Its development started from the need of a unified classification of forest vegetation at a national level, but also with the hope that it could serve for a regional revision of syntaxonomy. So far, using the information from this database, two papers were published and other two are planned.

Suggested citation:
Indreica, A. (2012): Vegetation Database of Oak Forests of Romania. – In: Dengler, J., Oldeland, J., Jansen, F., Chytrý, M., Ewald, J., Finckh, M., Glöckler, F., Lopez-Gonzalez, G., Peet, R.K., Schaminée, J.H.J. [Eds.]: Vegetation databases for the 21st century. – Biodiversity & Ecology 4: 416–416. DOI: 10.7809/b-e.00204.