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Volume 1
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303 pp.

(2002): Proceedings of the fourth Meeting of Latin American Lichenologists - GLAL 4
Also: Mitteilungen aus dem Institut für Allgemeine Botanik Hamburg 30-32, Edited by Arne Thell (Lund) & Tassilo Feuerer (Hamburg).

(ISSN 0344-5615)

Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology of Plants, Institute of Plant Science and Microbiology, University of Hamburg,
Ohnhorststr. 18, 22609 Hamburg, Germany


Adler, M. T. & Calvelo, S.: Parmeliaceae s.str. (Lichenized Ascomycetes) from Tierra del Fuego (southern South America) and their world distribution patterns9-24
Eliasaro, S. & Adler, M. T.: The species of Flavoparmelia and Xanthoparmelia (Parmeliaceae, lichenized Ascomycotina) from the Segundo Planalto in the state of Paraná (Brazil)25-34
Elix, J. A., Wardlaw, J. H. & Archer, A.: 1'-methyl hypothamnolate, a new ?-orcinol meta-depside from a chemical race of the lichen Pertusaria tropica (Ascomycotina, Pertusariaceae)35-40
Estrabou, C.: The teaching of lichens in intermediate and upper levels of education in Argentina41-45
Ferraro, L. I.: Contribution to the knowledge of foliicolous lichens of Bolivia47-48
Feuerer, T. & Thell, A.: Parmelia ernstiae - a new macrolichen from Germany49-60
Follmann, G.: South America as diversity centre of the lichen family Roccellaceae (Arthoniales)61-77
Galloway, D. J.: Taxonomic notes on the lichen genus Placopsis (Agyriaceae: Ascomycotina) in southern South America, with a key to species79-107
Liberatore, S. & Calvelo, S.: The occurrence of epiphytic lichens on Chusquea (Bambusoideae) in Patagonia (Argentina)109-123
Marcelli, M. P. & Ribeiro, C. H.: Twenty-one new species of Parmeliaceae (lichenized fungi) from southeastern Brazil125-155
Pereira, E., Andrade, L. C., Da Silva, H. H., Vicente, C. & Legaz, M. E.: Production of metabolites by immobilied cells of Cladia aggregata, at different status of fertility157-169
Pereira, I., San Martín, A. J., Moya, M.: Epiphytic lichens of Gomortega keule (Gomortegaceae) of the coastal mountains of central Chile171-185
Ribeiro, S. M., Pereira, E. C., Da Silva, N. H., Falcão, E. P., Gusmão, N. B., Honda, N. K. & Quilhot, W.: Detection of antibacterial activity of lichen substances through microdilution tests187-194
Sassaki, G. L., Reis, R. A., Gorin, P. A. J., Iacominin, M.: The glucans of lichenized fungi195-211
Scutari, N. C., Rosato, V. G. & Søchting, U.: Caloplaca andina (Teloschistaceae, Ascomycota), a species close to the genus Fulgensia213-224
Søchting, U., Kärnefelt, I. & Kondratyuk, S.: Revision of Xanthomendoza (Teloschistaceae, Lecanorales) based on morphology, anatomy, secondary metabolites and molecular data225-240
Stenroos, S., Feuerer, T. & Ahti, T.: Chilean Cladoniaceae online141-251
Stocker-Wörgötter, E.: Laboratory cultures of selected lichen fungi from Brazil and Chile253-270
Stocker-Wörgötter, E.: Experimental microbiology of cultured mycobionts: Facultative cyanotrophy of Cladonia verticillata and cultivation of the cyanobacteria271-282
Thell, A., Feuerer, T., Kärnefelt, I., Myllys, L. & Stenroos, S.: On the phylogeny and ecology of Cetraria obtusata, Coelopogon epiphorellus, and related taxa (Parmeliaceae, lichenized ascomycetes)283-296
Vitikainen, O.: Notes on Peltigera (Peltigeraceae) in southern South America and Antarctic regions297-303

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