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Biodiversity & Ecology

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Regional Vegetation Database of Kiskunság

Tamás Rédei, Anikó Csecserits*, György Kröel-Dulay

Article first published online: 24 September 2012

DOI: 10.7809/b-e.00181

*Corresponding author contact: csecserits.aniko@okologia.mta.hu

Biodiversity & Ecology  (Biodivers. Ecol.)

Special Volume: Vegetation databases for the 21st century,
edited by Jürgen Dengler, Jens Oldeland, Florian Jansen, Milan Chytrý, Jörg Ewald, Manfred Finckh, Falko Glöckler, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Robert K. Peet & Joop H.J. Schaminée
Volume 4, pages 392–392, Sep 12
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Keywords: dry grassland; Hungary; land-use; sand vegetation.


Abstract: The aim of the Regional Vegetation Database of Kiskunság (GIVD ID EU-HU-001) was to study the effect of different land-use on plant biodiversity. The Kiskunság region is a highly heterogeneous cultural landscape in central Hungary, with unique natural values, high diversity of land-use, its own well-defined environmental problems, and ongoing socio-economic changes, thus being an ideal setting for conducting integrative socio-ecological research and setting up an LTSER platform. In the past few years, we expanded the KISKUN LTER program into a broad-scale research framework or LTSER program by (1) covering all major land-use/habitat types occurring in the region; (2) reaching regional representativity by having multiple sites. Within the 7,500 km² study region, using a pre-defined algorithm we selected a network of 16 sites (5 x 5 km) that covers the regional variability in land-use pattern, naturalness, and soil. We sampled three replicate stands (if available) of all major habitat types (arable land and vineyards, old-fields, natural grasslands and woodlands, forest plantations) in all 16 sites between 2006 and 2008. In a total of 604 plots (20 x 20 m) we detected the plant species present and estimated their cover.

Suggested citation:
Rédei, T., Csecserits, A., Kröel-Dulay, G. (2012): Regional Vegetation Database of Kiskunság. – In: Dengler, J., Oldeland, J., Jansen, F., Chytrý, M., Ewald, J., Finckh, M., Glöckler, F., Lopez-Gonzalez, G., Peet, R.K., Schaminée, J.H.J. [Eds.]: Vegetation databases for the 21st century. – Biodiversity & Ecology 4: 392–392. DOI: 10.7809/b-e.00181.