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Biodiversity & Ecology

Volume 3
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296 pp.

(2010): Evolution of succulent plant families - Evolution sukkulenter Pflanzenfamilien
Also: Schumannia 6, Edited by Detlev Metzing (Oldenburg) & Norbert Jürgens (Hamburg).

(ISSN 1437-2517)

Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology of Plants, Institute of Plant Science and Microbiology, University of Hamburg,
Ohnhorststr. 18, 22609 Hamburg, Germany


Metzing, D & Jürgens, J.: Evolution and diversity of succulent plant families5-8
Klopper, R. R., van Wyk, B., Smith, G. F.: Phylogenetic relationship in the family Asphodelaceae (Asparagales) [corrected version ] 9-36
Bruyns, P. V.: Towards the phylogeny of the succulent Euphorbiaceae37-58
Albers, F., Becker, M.: Phylogeny and speciation in succulent Geraniaceae (Geraniales)59-67
Mort, M. E., O'Leary, R. R., Carrillo-Reyes, P., Nowell, T., Archibald, J. K., Randle, C. P.: Phylogeny and evolution of the Crassulaceae: past, present and future69-86
Klak, C.: Phylogeny and diversification of Aizoaceae: progress and prospects87-107
Nyffeler, R. & Eggli, U.: A farewell to dated ideas and concepts - molecular phylogenetics and a revised suprageneric classification of the family Cactaceae109-149
Ihlenfeldt, H.-D.: Pedaliaceae - evolution and phylogeny of the succulent genera151-182
Meve, U., Liede-Schumann, S.: The manifold evolution of succulence in Apocynaceae183-206
Becker, M., Albers, F.: Pollinator shifts and speciation in Pelargonium alternans (Geraniaceae)207-226
Bertram, G.: A division in populations of Gibbaeum nuciforme (Aizoaceae) detected byAFLP markers indicates pleistocene refugia in the Little Karoo, SouthAfrica227-240
Elling, B., Bertram, G., Rudolph, B., Jürgens, N.: The worldwide distribution of the invasive Iceplant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum, Aizoaceae) - investigations based on molecular markers241-255
Meregalli, M., Ercole, E., Rodda, M.: Molecular phylogeny vs morphology: shedding light on the infrageneric classification of Gymnocalycium (Cactaceae)257-275
Scheinvar, L., Gallegos Vázquez, C., Olalde Parra, G., Rodriguez Fuentes, A.: Opuntia ser. Streptacanthae (Cactaceae) - neotypifications and taxonomic notes for four species277-296

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