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BioMonitoring Data Facility

  • What impact does the internet have on science?
  • What technology can scientists use to digitally save their observations, apply thorough analyses and prepare their data for publishing to the scientific community?
  • How can data (collected and refined) be stored securely and sustainably in the longterm?

These questions are of particular relevance for the tasks of the plant systematics department. The IT-team is working hard on answers. The BioMonitoring Data Facility assists scientists with the accomplishment of their tasks that include the production and distribution of utilisable knowledge. The internet is increasingly used by scientist as the platform of choice to present their results. This communication channel is by no means one way. Communication networks are established that allow members to rapidly exchange important information. The BioMonitoring Data Facility team recognises and utilises latest technology to meet these challenges.

Work Areas

  • Design, development and maintenance of biodiversity research websites
  • Archiving biodiversity data
  • Developing software to store and process biodiversity data
  • IT and data standardisation consulting

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  • SASSCAL WeatherNet   Weblink
  • SASSCAL ObservationNet Weblink
  • Photo Guide to Plants of Southern Africa   Weblink
  • Photo Guide to Plants of Southern Morocco   Weblink
  • DesertNet International   Weblink
  • BIOTA AFRICA (BIOdiversity Monitoring Transect Analysis in Africa)   Weblink
  • Herbarium Hamburgense / Virtual Herbarium   Weblink


  • BIOTA AFRICA Publications   Weblink
  • BIOTA AFRICA Data   Weblink
  • Herbarium Hamburgense / Interface to GBIF-Portal


  • BIOTABase Family   Weblink
    • BIOTABase
    • BIOTACheck
    • BIOTAMerge
    • BIOTAUpdate

  • BIOTACollections   Weblink

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  • data archiving BIOTA AFRICA
  • data analysis
    • lists
    • tables
    • statistics / reports
  • data exchange between applications
  • FTP-data exchange service
  • archive management for BIOTA AFRICA

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