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With two professors, one lecturer, seven postdocs, and further colleagues, the Section Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology of Plants contributes significantly to the teaching of the Biocenter Klein Flottbek. The classes offered cover a wide range from basal courses at the BSc. level to advanced courses at the MSc. level. Major topics are systematics/evolution and determination of various plant taxa, vegetation-, landscape- and macroecology as well as ecological statistics. There is also a weekly paper-writing seminar for BSc.-, MSc.-, and Ph.D. candidates in English/German.


In the group of Prof. Norbert Jürgens we offer a broad range of possible theses (Bachelor, Masters, Diplom, Staatsexamen, Ph.D.) in ecology and organismic botany. This includes the various subjects of vegetation ecology, biodiversity research, macroecology, ecological modeling and population ecology as well as taxonomy, plant phylogeography, conservation biology and environmental education. We offer topics both in Africa and in Germany/Europe. We recommend combining Bachlor and Master theses with the project and case studies. We appreciate if theses are written in English. We particularly welcome Ph.D. candidates from abroad who would like to join our working group for several months or years, financed by a scholarship of their own. While the following pages are available in German only at present, you are invited to discuss topics and opportunities with the postdocs of our group:

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